BlastofOurPast Village

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Welcome to Blastofourpast!! My name is Charles Hennebeul and I have created this venture. Here we will use art to educate our viewers about the past. Blastofourpast also has poems,cartoons, art and  sculptures for sale to fund these activities. We are also making reels and short movies soon to be available! 

Animals of Blastofourpast

Here is a simple Poem I wrote while making the critters and their cheese.

Mystical Mice Made of Gold ate the Gold Cheese that never grows Mold!

Mystical Mice Made of Gold Ate Cheese always Free from Gold

Blastofourpast Farm will be featured through our short movies and reels on our new YouTube Channel this June 2022. Here are some animals that I made and most will be used in the claymation reels here in New York.

Animals being made from clayBlastofourpast Farm being BuiltThe Critters of Blastofourpast Blastofourpast Farm Timmy the Tired


Crow Above the World

Baby Cow says to Momma Cow where is Momma Sheep? Hey Baby Sheep you can stay with me and Momma Cow because all alone you can not sleep then tomorrow we go search for Momma Sheep!

Where is Momma sheepBlastofourpast Farm animals says hello

Welcome to the BlastofourPast Village where a world of clay animation short movies will entertain you and your family for years to come!!

Today March 15th 2022 we present to you the most hungry Sly Fox who does hide behind the rock for he is most hungry drooling and dreaming of eating the brand new chickadeeeeee!! Oh numerous chickadeeee do you not see the trickery about to befall thee?  Hurry hurry tiny chickadeeeee run from the sly fox who hides behind the rock!!!

foxbehindtherockchickadeeees and vitamin deeee

Here Yeeee Here Yeee the baby chickadeeees are enjoying the sun for Vitamin DEEEE!!!