BlastofourPast is pleased to provide this directory of collectible cars for buyers, sellers and collectors.  By April of 2019 we will have this directory set up where our supporters and fans can add to this database. If you wish you may include "courtesy of John Doe" in the picture.  BlastofourPast wants to highlight the amazing span of cars, planes, trains created by the diecast car industry.  These collectible cars number in the thousands and we look forward to the future years of fun in creating this priceless resource for the public.  For many of us just seeing these pictures will take us back to the past so please take a moment to bookmark our page and tell your friends and fellow collectors about this developing trend! 1/16/2019

Did you know the R44 Helicopter is a real helicopter?  This Mattel Helicopter is year 2007.


Stay tuned for more collectible helicopters!!

P.S.  We will link our helicopters pictures to those we have on sale in our BlastofourPast Store AND those of our future online resellers