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Click on the farm and pink pig right below this sentence and you will be redirected to our YouTube Short Reel. The real highlights some of the animals being made for the claymation short reels!

Pig Inspects Farm Construction

Welcome to the BlastofourPast Movie Division .....enjoy our short reels and longer half our movies featured on our Youtube Channel coming this May 2022 (or earlier if the Producer drinks enough coffee and gets his act together!!)

May 11th update: I am putting some of the designs of the stores on the main page of the site.  These buildings will be in our short reels and in our comic strips and nomation (the clay sculptures are still and not animated in these reels) reels.  The barn is mostly complete and the next building I will be making is the BlastofourPast Trading Post and the BlastofourPast Diner-Artistically Charles Hennebeul

Clay sculptures and other props will be used to bring you entertaining stories and eventually Mr. Hennebeul will bring you claymation episodes. 

Coming soon...the short reels / films located at the Blastofourpast Farmhouse.

Blastofourpast Farm being Built

The original 3 levels was to high and to much and the barn will expand to the right instead of upwards.

Claymation Animald


Seagulls love french fries!