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Farm Animals Coming Soon! 

Blastofourpast Farm AnimalsBirthday Crow and Other Birthday Animals with Customization Options Happy 16th Birthday Happy 18th Birthday Happy 21st Birthday Happy 40th Birthday Happy 50th Birthday Happy 60th Birthday Etc. etc. etc... BlastofourPast Birthday Crow


Handmade Family of Foxes For Purchase. Great Housewarming Gift or a Unique Display for Home Decor

Family of Foxes

Three Cute Bunny Rabbits Solid Clay Not Hollow

Three cute bunny rabbits

Welcome! My name is Charles Hennebeul the artist who makes all of these designs. Click on the Birthday Crow above for my etsy shop.  Most of the pictures on this page will link to the etsy shop.

Custom made PigsCustom Made Clay FoxesBaby FoxesmommacowbabylambScrewedcrowisohhhsoscrewed

                                                            Handmade Baby Chickens


Please note: In the world of BlastofourPast Village baby chicks are called Baby chickadeeees (with four e's after the letter d and grammar rules do no apply sigh sigh so if you are a grammar addict kindly do not cry!!!

Mouse loves cheese


Front view Momma Baby CowFrankfrogcritters of the blastofourpast farmCustom Made 1 inch/Dollhouse Cardinals

Above are tiny handmade Red Cardinals great for a memorial setting,home decor,doll housedecor, Christmas all year round. Below is the 3.5 inch long Handmade Red Cardinal I sold on Mercari. I can make this or any other bird you like. 

3.5 long Red CardinalBaby SheepSmall Scottish TerrierDifferent Size Scottish TeriersTiny Snow Owl

Snow Owl Above will be painted with a feather pattern.

Glittered 2 inch tall Great Horned Owl

I make owls in different shapes and patterns and colors. I will soon be setting up a link here that will open up a new web page showing my different designs.

Crows Conference 2021Tiny 1.5 inch long crows

Each crow is different. Some even have paper wings.




Below are "one off" unique sculptures I am working on. I will have a separate page or category for this section as their will be to many to list on this page.

Crow on Styrofoam Glittered Heart

Nautical decor Silver Enamel Painted Boat on Handmade Clay for sale in my etsy shop. I really enjoyed making the solid clay waves though it was a delicate process to "curve" the clay slowly into the shapes of the waves..curving the waves is really like trying not to break egg shells! I used a vintage Italian sailboat that was handpainted by the manufacturer with enamel paint!! This is truly one of a kind piece!

Silver Boat on Clay Ocean WavesTiny Seagulls

All our sculptures are currently for indoor use right now. I do plan on adding in polymer clay designs AND cement sculptures as well. I am very excited about the cement sculptures because they will evolve from customer demand of the indoor sculptures. Stay tuned and if you need a customized design you can email me at kindly, Charles Hennebeul

Frequently Answered Questions

For your ecommerce safety I have decided for now to sell all my sculptures and art on etsy.  You can simply visit or click on most of the pictures on this page to view more details and shop.  I will have very soon 100 clay sculptures and hope to have cement sculptures available for outside use by the end of the summer 2022!!  I am looking for long term business relations with customers and I am honored to have repeat customers.


Your support of my local art will help me expand this business and hopefully one day open up a small warehouse where I can produce much more (ceramics using ovens, teach classes etc and create jobs).

I take internet security very seriously as well as the privacy of my friends family and customers supporting this initiative. Therefore it is with great ease that I will use etsy and mercari to act as the safe portals for the public to purchase my clay sculptures and other mixed media I have produced.  I am beyond excited that I have this website and opportunity in life to conduct this business while educating the public about the process of clay sculptures, paper mache art and other mixed media forms.  Stay tuned for many pieces of handmade art and our short films using clay sculptures and cardboard art!!-Artistically Charles Hennebeul